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Mixer - Yamaha 10 Channel MG102C

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he Yamaha MG102C is a 10-channel audio mixer designed for project studio and live sound reinforcement applications. All line inputs feature balanced 1/4" TRS phone line and XLR microphone connections. Channels 1 and 2 are mono channels, the remaining channels are grouped to provide four sets of stereo inputs.
The MG102C features a 1-knob compression-adjust for compressing incoming vocals, instruments and other signal. Inserts connections are provided on the mono channels for added routing flexibility. The EQ section features a high pass filter and sweepable mid range. The MG102C is a perfect mixer for project studio recording, live sound reinforcement and video editing applications.

Weight: 2 lbs
Size: 10in x 2.4 in x 13.6 in

1 Day    $ 30.00

MG102C Manual Yamaha website
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