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Dance Floor - 12' x 12' Portable Dance Floor

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Making Memorable Evenings with a 12' x 12' Portable Dance Floor
What makes a special event memorable? It’s not just a gathering of good people. Those memories flourish from an ensemble of sparks that culminate as a series of shared experiences. It’s the atmosphere, conversations, food, music, and activities. They all ebb and flow until the evening is captured firmly in our minds. And a 12x12 portable dance floor can help pull those experiences together like nothing else.

Weight: 200lb

On Hard Surface    $ 325.00
If Sub-Flooring IS Required    $ 550.00

Dance floors require a sturdy foundation for safety and security of those enjoying the party. If the dance floor is being used outside on a surface like grass, that is not sturdy, you will need a "Sub-Flooring" installed below the Dance Floor.
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